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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Music, not design.

Here's something Jake got me to have a look at and fill in. It's about music. Let's see what happens.

The total volume of music on my pc

For a start, I'd like to say that I have a Mac. That's because I'm a neo geek designer.

I currently have 2031 songs, which equates to approximately 5 days. It fills up 9.49gb of interspace on my hard disk.

I listen to these songs on my computer and on my iPod, which also carries work and important backed up stuff. I don't use those white headphones, but posh noise cancelling jobs from Sennheiser - again, because I'm a neo geek designer.

Songs playing right now

Not listening to music right now, all I can handle is live Big Brother coverage because I am exhausted and want to eat but am too lazy to get up. However, if I was to press play I would probably listen to 'Pencil Rot', the first track on Stephen Malkmus' new album 'Face the Truth'. I suggest you go buy that now.

Last album I bought

To the Five Boroughs - Beastie Boys. I don't buy music much, much to the disdain of my rhythm guitarist. In fact, I don't really like a lot of new music as it sounds like the drummers have been locked in a room with only Blondie to listen to. Good for the first song, but then I just want to punish myself for listening on. It's very dull and I play drums.

Five songs I've been listening to a lot

That's not Gangsta - Sincere
My Life Among the Rich - Awful Sparks*
Au fond du Temple Saint - David Byrne's version
One Thing - Amerie**
Hounds of Love - The Futureheads***

* You will never hear this song
** Now THAT'S drums
*** The Futureheads are probably the only recent rock band I can stomach a whole album of. They're tasty.

Passing this along to

Nobody, I don't know anyone but Jake on the interweb.

Spencer E Holtaway

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