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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


AT&T unveiled their new logotype this week, following SBC Communication's successful purchase of the telecoms giant. Which was nice.

Modernisation of the former logo graphic, plus a change of typography has led to a fresher look for the communications company, without losing its brand recognition.

The globe is 2d-3d. What you see here is the 2d (print) version. However, elsewhere on the web and on other interactive services, the globe is said to rotate. I've not seen this yet.

Good job InterBrand chaps.


Spencer E Holtaway said...


There's a lot of people crying about this re-branding on Typophile today. I'm not really sure why. Who really cares about the quality of branding for a privately-owned telecoms company?

Sure, it's nothing new, but it's a vast improvement on the previous logotype in my opinion, and the fact it can be integrated with 'new media' (stuff that moves n'that) is not a bad idea at all. After all, you can't just go with print if you provide interweb aswell.

Spencer E Holtaway

Zohar Manor-Abel said...

Hello Spence,

This is an official invitation to my blog.

And I hope to see you tomorrrow