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Thursday, March 13, 2008


So recently, I've been into this 'DIY-on-a-budget-home' lighting thing that many people are calling 'Strobism', after the interblog that has made this way of thinking about photogaphic lighting very popular and accessible: Strobist.com

Also, I just found that Lomo are now making all sort of flash equipment - maybe not the cheapest for the quality you get, but certainly fun and quirky.

The gadget pictured above is a slave flash, which is a flash that flashes when other flashes flash, allowing you to.. well, have more than one controllable light source in your photograph. It's quite tempting to buy lots and lots of these things and stick them all over the place.

They even have a lave flash that you screw into the lighting fixtures in your home which sounds like a bit of fun.

Maybe I'll treat myself to whatever's cheapest next pay day.

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