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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Virgin Media get it

This pretty much sums up the experience I had getting my broadband transferred and working when I moved. Over a period of 4 weeks.


oliver said...


Anonymous said...

They reall yhave no idea!!! I had a year contract with them, phoned to say i was being charged to much 6 months later and they said they would credit my account. I ring up two months later, being charged even more so i said i wanted to leave. They said not until aug. I ring a scouser (nothing wrong with scousers) and he says i had an aggreement in april for another years contract to start!!! WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID IN APRIL WAS THAT I WAS MOVING AND WANTED TO CANCEL, NOT BLOODY RENEW!!! Thnakully now after writing several emails and expensive phone conversations is thay have crediited my account of £40 and let me cancel in April!!! They are as thick as shite!!!

Anonymous said...

Also they constantly ring saying "We have a very good offer for you £25 per month"
I said "How is paying £25 better than £18 whats the difference in quality?
They say "Oh your very right Miss Humphries, no difference, is there anything else we can help you with?"
I say "YOU RANG ME!"